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  • €1.92760

Coming back in summer 2021

Currently out of stock. Please contact us at hello@olaf-scooter.com and we will reach out to you immediately when we have new models. Planned in the next weeks.


  • monocoque construction improved with by our own NO BONDING TECHNOLOGY®
  • made using mix of carbon&glass fibers with vinylester resin
  • smart locking system that allows locking of unfolded (opened) position
  • Ergonomic design enables easy installation, handling and storing
  • Antislip surface guarantees safe access to your boat
  • All fittings needed for installation included (1 male and 1 female fitting in standard)
  • Closed technology gives POLYMER gangway floatability
  • All materials are UV protected
  • All POLYMER gangways are protected against scratches while storing with special elastic side tape
  • Special reinforcement and protection of bottom (pier side)
  • Easy theft protection



Laser engraving possible only at designated area at the pier side of the gangway. If you want your design/logo/name/quote etc. to appear exactly as you wish, you should send us:

  • PDF or EPS file (vector file)
  • dimensions: 200 mm * 50 mm
  • send it to info@polymer.si

Or an easier option; you can just send us your boat name and trust our font choice.



All prices include 22% VAT TAX (EU). If you would like to purchase gangway without VAT (export your gangway outside EU or purchase using valid VAT number contact us via info@polymer.si
Delivery: max 2 weeks
In case of customization, delivery may be delayed for a week.
Shipping within EU! For shipping outside EU, please contact us for exact shipping price.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.www.eu-skladi.si