TPC gangway

  • €92720

Coming back in summer 2021

Currently out of stock. Please contact us at and we will reach out to you immediately when we have new models. Planned in the next weeks.


  • Made from special themoplastic composite material
  • Antiskid realized via special, durable antiskid paint
  • Only non foldable models available
  • Simpified usage that allows durable ans safe access to your boat
  • Antislip surface guarantees safe access to your boat
  • All materials are UV protected
  • Floatability
  • Easy theft protection
  • Exchangeable soft plastic edge absorbers 


Full walking surface can we customized with visible glass fibers; do send us:

  • PDF or EPS file (vector file)
  • dimensions: full walking surface
  • send it to

Or an easier option; you can just send us your boat name and trust our font choice.


All prices include 22% VAT TAX (EU). If you would like to purchase gangway without VAT (export your gangway outside EU or purchase using valid VAT number contact us via
Delivery: max 2 weeks
In case of customization, delivery may be delayed for a week.
Shipping within EU! For shipping outside EU, please contact us for exact shipping price.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development